The constant

That phase when I was such a good student, and in extra class in the afternoons we rushed the homework to go explore together.

The phase when everything becomes scary.

The phase when everything begins to change.

The scary of change.

To pick different paths.

That rebel phase.

The time when you were depressed and I couldn’t understand. Then the phase when you saw my marks and you couldn’t understand.

Going away.

Reaching out.

Coming back.

To explore.

To get close.

To make out.

To get far again.

And to fight with you about it.

To finally talking to you again.

To cry.

To sit in silence.

To read minds. To share feelings. To hug.

The phase to not say anything.

The phase to say it all.

To see you everyday. Or To not see you at all.

To talk. To be ignored.

The phase of randevouz.

The phase of feelings.

To open up.

To build more walls.

To let the guard down.

To pretend.

The phase to smile. To know there’s something.

The phase when you’re wrong, the phase when I’m wrong.

To love.

To wanting to kill each other.

To kill for each other.

To protect.

The long phase of ignorance, of denial, of insecurities and not knowing.

The phase to know it all…

To know that in all, the only constant has been you.

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