My mistake

Different types of people will enter your life, and so they say.

But for what?

Well, sometimes my friends, you will not have an answer for this until later on in your life.

In 2007, I changed school, and on day 1, I met this girl, oh well, she met me because I was a bit scared of the world at the time.

She showed me everything I was missing, she made me feel I belonged, that I was taken cared of. She was my best friend. My sister.

Now life really is a bitch, because I never valued that friendship.

Summers passed away and I only called to go out and do crazy stuff.

Until she got tired, and I had to maintain my pride.

Oh how dumb I was.

But I can assure you, my friends, that angels exist and they’re beautiful.

They’re some skinny, kind, patient, Caribbean beauty.

Because when life fucked me up like I deserved, Cold and well planned revenge.

When life took my ego and twisted it like it was some sponge you want to take even the last drop of water out of it.

I looked for her.

She was the first person that crossed my mind.

That my soul, felt like needing.

And we talked about everything, and I explained everything, and that exact moment, not too cold, not too hot. With my heart on my mouth beating like I was having a heart attack, with my soul lost long ago and my mind so scared and alert of even the minimal things in life.

She looked at me, and said: we’re good.

And at that moment I swear I saw her wings, so pure and full of life.

And at that moment I swear I understood, why I met that girl 12 years ago. That absolutely no one comes in to your life for no reason. Because all of you can be sure that I did not deserved her forgiveness.

I still learn a lot about life with her, but not to belong, or to enjoy, but to be happy, to be at peace. To live. I learn the good things of life just by watching her, just by spending some time with her.

I feel like a kid looking out for his teacher.

My mistake in life was to believe that I had no one to teach me the important things in life, but I did, I just didn’t pay attention, didn’t value.

And if there is someone in the world who follows what I say, or pays attention to it. Be sure to value all that life puts in your way, and question what do you have to learn from it.

And if you’re dumb enough to miss it, and life gives you another chance, value it like you fucking mean it.

Because I got my best friend back, and not the one to go to parties and get drunk, but the one to go to the beach and talk about life.

And that is absolutely priceless.

And that I will value.

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