Today a random man in the parking lot gave me a speech of how beauriful I am, and how precious my smile is, and how it shines.

I’m not even kidding.

Today I was talking on a final presentation, the teacher wouldn’t even look at me or let me talk.

I’m still not kidding.

So I wonder, is it that this dream, my dream, is bipolar, or is it just crazy?

They say you attract what you think, but then, let me accept that my thoughts are mixed up.

Today I felt wanted, I felt liked, I felt like I fit somehow.

But then minutes later, I felt alone again, like I got nowhere to go, no one to talk to.

And even if I got so much work to do, I sincerely don’t give a fuck.

I feel like I do not have control over my life, like I am a puppet in a show, and every day gets more intense.

Yes I am taking my meds. Yes I ''Know'' is just my mind. Yes I know it'll get better, it'll pass.

But here I am, still feeling it. still real.

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