Lost soul

Today I went down another step.

I was eating with my family and it hit me hard.

Suddenly everything became noisy

Things became blurred

Voices went far away

And my body started shutting down.

My heart screamed for help.

My brain was overcharged.

And my soul was trying to survive.

Tears wanted to come down.

I felt trapped in my own body. Trapped in this life.

Like how a bird should feel in a cage.

How a fish should feel in a tank.

And I only wish some time I could make it out. Make it up.

It’s like I don’t know how to drive anymore.

Like I have mistakenly waken up.

Everything feels out of place; and I feel out of place.

Everything feels wrong; right here, right now, constantly feels wrong.

Feels wrong to be here, feels wrong to go.

Like we always knew, but never we have known.

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