Indigo kid

I ask for forgiveness to anyone that got confused by me somehow.

I follow my mind when I should have feelings.

And my feelings is all that exists when I should follow my mind.

I got this one mind over matter.

I got this all over feelings.

I feel betrayed by some people, but that’s cuz’ I expected something from them.

I should stop trusting.

I should start thinking.


But there I go, blindly trusting again.

My mind is always telling me that something’s wrong.

Something’s missing.

But there I go following my stupid feelings.

My friend says not always people will say what they think, and that it doesn’t mean they do not love you.

But my mind has a difficult time understanding different types of love.

But then my heart keeps of trusting.

I don’t know if I’ll survive this war.

Battle after battle, my soul gets tired.

Battle after battle, I’ll be losing myself.

Battle after battle, my heart won’t take it one day.

I wish I could rip it off my chest.

Live by the reason.

Feel by the thoughts.

Love by the vibes.

And cry for the loss.

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