Going away

Have you ever tried to go away?

Have you ever had your mind so full of different stuff that you just want to go away?

Well, I’ve been there a couple of times. I’m in that phase right now.

So a few days ago I arrived an hour earlier to my class, the classroom would be empty until class time… I was there, alone. So I tried something.

I sat, put my feet up in the other chair, lay back, put my headphones, put my music all the way up… And closed my eyes.

I started to hear songs differently, beats I didn’t hear before, words I didn’t hear before, sounds I didn’t notice before, and all that, even in the songs that I hear everyday on my way home.

It was just different.

It was like my brain decided to turn off, and while in sleeping mode, its only function was to hear the music.

After a while, everything stopped existing.

I felt like it was only me, over those two chairs. Over that small piece of floor. And then, emptiness.

Just, black. Nothing.

And it wasn’t scary. No, it was… Relaxing.

I was going away, and I liked it.

After that, my body started to feel lighter, like there was almost no gravity.

And at that moment, you just don’t think, you imagine.

So what if, nothing actually exist.

What if all this is just our brain playing with us?

What if you’re in a comma and this, any of this, exits outside your head?

What if we do live in a emptiness, and, everyday, unconsciously, imagine everything.

There are so many options. But wouldn’t it be cool?

To know that any of your problems, any of the people you hate, the food you hate, any of that is real outside your head. But so wouldn’t be your friends, your family, your loved one.

Can we take someone to our emptiness?

Or are we meant to imagine this because in our emptiness we shall be alone?

So maybe life is just a dream, and every time we wake up, we do it in a different life, and it’s just a pre-made life so we wake up and our brain creates the memories of a lifetime?

If life is a dream, then I like mine right now.

And if we have different lives, if we will keep on imagining and creating lives to escape from our emptiness, can I have you in all of them?

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